Goldman Sachs Lifecycle of a Trade workshop

KN Finansów Międzynarodowych have a pleasure of hosting multinational investment bank, Goldman Sachs at our Faculty of Economics.

Join us at Goldman Sachs Lifecycle of a Trade workshop and learn about our Operations Division!
A variety of buyers and sellers come to Goldman Sachs with different needs and objectives. Operations plays an important role in facilitating transactions on behalf of the firm through our Revenue Divisions. Operations enables the buyer or seller to transact at that moment, regardless of market conditions.

The workshop will be conducted by John Macfie from Operations Division and the overview of the Warsaw Goldman Sachs office will be presented to you by Magda Witkiewicz from Human Capital Management.

Detailed information:
When: November 6 (Tuesday)
Time: 13.30-15.00
Where: Faculty of Economics, UG, Lecture hall A